Project Management and Consulting Services

Who is the Project Manager?

The project manager is a person who possesses professional qualifications, is appointed by the investor and is responsible for achieving the defined objectives of the project.

To be able to professionally and skilfully perform his or her duties, a good project manager possesses comprehensive knowledge and multiple skills, from project management to business management, has sound technical knowledge, excellent communication, organization, logistics and leadership skills, and more.

The project manager is responsible for each phase of the project and for the whole project. He is required to manage the project participants.

The project manager also solves certain problems by using his/her knowledge and the understanding of the entire project.

Who is obliged to appoint a Project Manager?

All public contracting entities have to appoint a project manager when:

  • investing a total of more than 10,000,000 Kuna (excl. VAT) in the construction of infrastructural or other buildings
  • investing a total of more than 50,000,000 Kuna (excl. VAT) in the construction of buildings


Project Manager’s Responsibilities

The project manager ensures that everyone in the team understands and performs their tasks so that the persons involved in the project know their responsibilities. At the same time, everyone involved in the project will have the support of the project manager at all times.

The specific responsibilities of the project manager may vary depending on the industry. However, there are some responsibilities that are common to all project managers:

  • Development of the project plan
  • Cooperation with all stakeholders of the project and establishing cooperation between them
  • Communication management
  • Project team management
  • Risk management
  • Cost management
  • Resolving conflict situations
  • Project delivery management

On construction projects a project manager carries out the following specific tasks:

  • financial, legal and technical consulting related to design, construction, operation and demolition of structures
  • financial, legal and technical preparation and planning of construction-related tasks and monitoring of the implementation of the plan
  • consulting, selection and contracting of projects on behalf of the designer, design auditor, supervising engineer, contractor, surveyor and other persons performing construction-related tasks
  • interfacing and coordinating the work of a designer, design auditor, supervising engineer, contractor, surveyor and other persons involved in the construction and monitoring of their work to protect the rights and interests of the investor
  • obtaining documents, analyses, studies, plans and other documents necessary for the production of the preliminary, detail and implementation designs and building demolition designs
  • obtaining all documents and concluding all legal transactions needed to obtain various permits regarding physical planning, construction, use and/or demolition of buildings
  • obtaining all documents and concluding all legal transactions necessary for the construction and performing the actions that the investor is due to perform during construction

Finally yet importantly, a project manager is responsible to the investor for the lawful and proper performance of the duties prescribed by law.

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