Coordinator for occupational health and safety I and II

When to appoint the Coordinator?

The investor, building owner, concessionaire or any other entity which ordered the design must appoint:

  1. Coordinator I – one or more coordinators for occupational health and safety in the design stage, and
  2. Coordinator II – in the construction stage when the work is performed or is scheduled to be performed by two or more contractors.

Duties of the Coordinator

COORDINATOR I – Coordinator in the design stage

  • Coordinate the implementation of the principles and rules of occupational safety and health during the production of a design
  • Develops or has developed a works plan in line with the implementing rules, on behalf of the investor or owner of the building

COORDINATOR II – Coordinator in the construction stage

  • Coordinates the implementation of the general principles of occupational safety and health in determining the terms and major measures during the planning and completion phases of work, which are carried out simultaneously or in sequence.
  • Coordinates the execution of appropriate procedures to ensure that employers and other persons consistently apply the principles of occupational safety and health and execute works in accordance with the works plan.
  • Develops or has developed the necessary adjustments to the works plan and documentation to reflect any changes to the site
  • Checks that the working procedures are conducted in a safe manner and coordinates the required activities
  • Makes sure that the site can be accessed only by authorised persons.

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