Energy performance certification

What is the energy performance certificate?

The energy performance certificate is a document defining the energy efficiency class of a building, demonstrating the energy performance properties of a building and informing on the energy consumption and the status of a building regarding the energy efficiency. The energy performance certificate also provides a proposal for measures for cost-effective improvement of energy performance of the building to reduce energy consumption.


What is energy performance certification?

Energy performance certification is a process that determines the energy properties of a building in terms of the energy needed by the building when it is used. This process consists of an energy review in which the building, all its elements and systems are examined. Based on the data obtained, and by using the appropriate software and applying the prescribed standards, an energy inspection report of the building and the energy certificate of the building can be issued.


What is Učka-konzalting authorised to certify?

Energy performance certification of buildings is carried out under the authority of the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning for simple buildings (Module 1) and for complex structures in the architectural-building and electrical parts (Module 2) as well as for street lighting systems. The complexity of the facilities is defined by the Building Act and is related to the area of buildings and the HVAC technical systems.


Who is required to obtain an energy performance certificate?

Energy performance certification is prescribed by the Construction Act and has been implemented since 1st January 2016 for free-standing buildings that are rented or leased and have a total usable area of more than 50 m2 or special parts of a building (e.g. flat or business premises) located in a building that has a total usable area of more than 50 m2, regardless of the surface of that particular part. If the entire building has already been issued an energy performance certificate, a separate one need not to be obtained for special parts.


Who is not required to obtain an energy performance certificate?

For properties for which a rental or lease agreement was concluded before 1st January 2016, an energy performance certificate is not required until the end of that contractual obligation. Also, renting in this context does not apply to tourism activities, so providers of accommodation in flats, apartments and holiday homes are not obliged to obtain an energy performance certificate.


How is energy performance certification executed?

Real estate owners interested in obtaining a certificate can contact us by phone or e-mail where they will receive all the necessary information about the certification process and initiate the procedure. Property owners do not have to fill any forms – Učka-konzalting will do it on their behalf.

When inspecting the building, the following data are gathered – data on the building envelope, heated and non-heated areas of the building, the dimensions of the building and opening in the building, the details of the window and door systems and other building elements. Along with the construction elements of the building the position and orientation of the building, heating and cooling systems of the building, systems for the preparation of hot water, electricity usage etc. are determined.

On the basis of the data obtained from the inspection of the building, the required building data is calculated and entered into software that calculates the energy consumption of the building for heating and cooling of buildings. The calculation is based on the standard that defines the temperature and the time during which the building is heated/cooled during the day/week.

Once the data from the calculation of the thermal losses and from the on-site energy inspection are obtained, an Energy Review Report is produced. Besides containing the data obtained by the inspection and from the calculations, this also contains a proposal for measures to improve the energy performance of the building. The proposed measures include financially optimal measures that the owner can take to reduce the heat losses, an estimate of the investment costs, an estimate of the annual savings of energy costs and a simple return period for the investment.
Based on the energy required for building heating, the energy class of the building is determined. The energy performance certificate of the building, containing the basic building and energy data required for heating, a brief description of the measures proposed, an explanation of the terms and markings used on the certificate and a list of applied rules and regulations, is issued.

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